Founded by Josh Cohen and Brendan Huse, H2Order, Inc. is a locally
run company specializing in custom label natural spring water promoting business growth and contributing to community development.

We strive to build a partnership with all businesses!  Whether it’s a profit and/or non for profit organization, down to an individual special occasion,
we will commit to your specific brand image by marketing and advertising
to end users effectively at a minimum cost. 

You can educate your customers and target markets literally, with a
hands-on experience while increasing sales with a value added item on
a one to one basis.

Reduce overall advertising costs!  Traditional advertising such as radio, television, print media, and little trinkets (pens, mugs, magnets, etc.) are
all valid and valuable investments, but much of this goes unnoticed at a
high cost.  A custom bottle of water with your own logo simply makes
more ‘cents’!

Dedication to Excellence:
Customer service is our #1 Goal!  Of course there are numerous vendors
out there that can produce a similar product.  It’s what you can’t see that separates us from the rest, making us the best!  We will help you find your target market and personally get it there for you!  It’s all about you!

Our Commitment:
Deliver the best products, to a captive audience, at the right time, in the
most effective way, each and every time!  A customer service oriented company that’s all about you!