Ordering personalized bottles of water with H2Order is an easy step by step process. Just follow these 5 steps:


- The first step is to contact H2Order and speak with one of our customer account executives. If you have your order ready, we
can process it for you immediately.  If you need any assistance,
it would be our pleasure to help identify your target market and effectively assist you in reaching them.


- Once we have identified your target market, we will lay out possible avenues and determine which ones to pursue giving
you maximum exposure at a minimum cost.


- Next, submit an image, logo or company message to be displayed on your personalized water bottle. Our patient designers can help you create a specific message to suit all
of your needs. 


- Depending on your budget and/or marketing concentration,
we can help you determine how many bottles, cases or pallets
of water to order.


- Once the order is in and you approve the proof with a signature, your order is completed and will be delivered within 3 weeks. That's it, it's that simple!


If you have any further information or questions, please feel free to contact an H2Order, Inc. representative for further assistance.