"I use personalized bottles of water to promote myself and get my
name out to potential clients at open houses I hold"
Bob Kelley
Century21 - Realtor

"I wanted to build my customer base with a local car dealer we do
collision work for, so I donated bottles of water with my company's name
on them.  The car dealer hands them out to their clients as a courtesy
during oil changes, etc."
Al Cohen
Neshaminy Collision - Owner

"Branding our company through personalized bottles of water make
a lot of sense in our business.  We donate them to gyms, condos,
developers, etc. where we place equipment or where we are trying
to place our products to keep our company name in front of them
all day long."
Bryan Lansberry
Expresso Fitness - Director of Sales

"My business is mostly word of mouth, so when clients come in to
discuss options I offer them a bottle of water with our company's name
on them.  They take them home and my message stays in front of them
and whoever they come in contact with."
AJ DePue
Millenium Media, Inc. - Owner

"Everybody has a bottle of water in their hand, whether it’s during our
trade shows or conferences, so we decided this was a great way to
get our name in front of our target market"
Brian Ruina
Abacus - Manager